The SSL Certificate
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SSL Certificate

 Accept secure payments on your website
Boost your ranking in Google
Compatible with all major browsers

The SSL Certificate

for startups and small businesses

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Buy Now

Complete protection for you and your visitors

Our comprehensive range of GeoTrust SSLs are suitable for everyone – from smaller sites with secure login areas to larger sites with multiple transactions online each day.

Dependable encryption

Each certificate comes with up to 256bit data encryption. This means all data exchanged via your site is completely secure.

Secure site seal

With an SSL, your site will show a secure seal and a padlock in the address bar. This gives your visitors confidence that your site is safe.

Browser compatible

Our certificates are compatible with all major browsers. No matter how your visitors get to your site, be confident everything is fully secure.

Up to $1.5 warranty

On the rare occasion of this happening, you are fully protected in the event that your certificate is used or issued incorrectly. Contact Support for more information.

Professional support

Our dedicated team are on hand to manage your SSL installation on any hosting you have with us. We can also help facilitate the installation if you host elsewhere.

Quick installation

With Quick SSL and True BusinessID you will be up and running in less than 2 days. Our EV SSL can take a little longer due to the extended vetting process.

Maximize sales & boost your Google ranking

Make Google happy

Google favours secure websites in search results so if you have a HTTPS encryption you’ll boost your chances of being ranked higher.

Improve credibility

A digital certificate proves your site is trustworthy. This is vital if you collect sensitive information like credit card details through online transactions.

Enjoy complete privacy

Any information transferred through your website is encrypted when an SSL certificate is applied ensuring confidentiality for the end user.

Protect against fraud

Defend your business and your customers against possible threats of online fraud and information hijacking, also known as phishing.

Your questions

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a digital certificate used to encrypt data sent between a user and a website. SSL certificates are most commonly used when sensitive information is being exchanged such as credit card details, personal details or passwords.

When you buy an SSL certificate, a trusted authority such as GeoTrust will vet and validate you and your businesses identity. Once in place it secures connections from a web server to a web browser and a lock icon appears in the browser bar. This icon instills user confidence and trust in your website. Only sites with SSL certificates will display this symbol of security, i.e. HTTPS sites.

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